Location: include/sof/lib/uuid.h

group uuid_api

UUID API specification.



UUID is 16 bytes long.

DECLARE_SOF_UUID(entity_name, uuid_name, va, vb, vc, vd0, vd1, vd2, vd3, vd4, vd5, vd6, vd7)

Declares UUID (aaaaaaaa-bbbb-cccc-d0d1-d2d3d4d5d6d7) and name.

  • entity_name: Name of the object pinted by the software tools.

  • uuid_name: Uuid symbol name used with SOF_UUID().

  • va: aaaaaaaa value.

  • vb: bbbb value.

  • vc: cccc value.

  • vd0: d0 value (note how d0 and d1 are grouped in formatted uuid)

  • vd1: d1 value.

  • vd2: d2 value.

  • vd3: d3 value.

  • vd4: d4 value.

  • vd5: d5 value.

  • vd6: d6 value.

  • vd7: d7 value.


Creates local unique 32-bit representation of UUID structure.


struct sof_uuid
#include <uuid.h>

UUID (Universally Unique IDentifier) structure.

Use DECLARE_SOF_UUID() to assigned UUID to the fw part (component implementation, dai implementation, …).

Use SOF_UUID() to store an address of declared UUID.

See existing implementation of components and dais for examples how to UUIDs are declared and assigned to the drivers to provide identification of the source for their log entries.

UUID for a new component may be generated with uuidgen Linux tool, part of the util-linux package.

Public Members

uint32_t a
uint16_t b
uint16_t c
uint8_t d[8]