Build SOF with a 3rd Party Toolchain

A “3rd party toolchain” is a supported toolchain provided by an external organization.

Toolchains are provided by various vendors and are available under a variety of commercial, academic, or open source terms; visit the providers’ websites for further information.

Cadence® Tensilica® Xtensa® C/C++ Compiler (XCC)


Currently Apollo Lake, Cannon Lake and Ice Lake targets are verified with Xtensa C/C++ Compiler (xt-xcc). The xt-clang compiler is not supported.

The Xtensa compiler provides support for HiFi coprocessor SIMD instructions. An example below depicts how to enable conditional compilation of the code depending on the toolchain installed and the coproccessor model on a target system.

/* Select optimized code variant when xt-xcc compiler is used */
#if defined __XCC__
#include <xtensa/config/core-isa.h>
#define FIR_GENERIC     0
#define FIR_HIFIEP      1
#define FIR_HIFI3       0
#elif XCHAL_HAVE_HIFI3 == 1
#define FIR_HIFI3       1
#define FIR_HIFIEP      0
#error "No HIFIEP or HIFI3 found. Cannot build FIR module."
/* GCC */
#define FIR_GENERIC     1
#define FIR_HIFIEP      0
#define FIR_HIFI3       0

Once you have installed the toolchain according to procedures outlined in the toolchain documentation, see the Build toolchains and SOF from sources chapter on how to build FW binaries.