Firmware and Tools

The SOF firmware and tools can be downloaded either as a compressed source release, binary release or via git.


All project SOF source code is maintained in the repository and includes folders for SOF, SOF tools and topologies, Linux kernel, and documentation. Download the source code as a zip or tar.gz file:

git clone
cd sof.git
git checkout master -b master

Source and Binary Releases

The latest SOF release is v1.3 (June 2019).

Firmware and SDK tool source code and binary releases can be found on github. The github release page will also list release details such as new features, new platforms, etc.

Please note that intermediate releases are also on this page. General releases all have the “vX.Y” naming convention. i.e. tagged on git as vX.Y

Binaries releases will be additionally be upstreamed to the Linux firmware repository here.

Linux Driver

The SOF Linux driver is upstream from Linux version 5.2 onwards. This means it will be included as part of official Linux releases from v5.2.

There is a SOF Linux driver development branch on github where new features are integrated prior to upstreaming.

git clone
cd linux.git
git checkout origin/sof-dev -b sof-dev