Set up SOF on Up Squared board with Hifiberry DAC+ (STD)


Make sure you have the Standard version of Hifiberry DAC+. The Pro version is not currently supported.

Setup Instructions

1. Flash BIOS version 4.0 onto the Up squared board.

The BIOS main menu will show UP-APL01 R4.0.

  • Download the BIOS.

  • If the current BIOS version is older than 1.8, please update to v1.8 before flashing v4.0.


    To check your BIOS version press

    1. DELETE or

    2. F7 and select ‘Enter Setup’

  • Press ENTER when prompted for password.

  • Use board BIOS update instructions to flash the BIOS.

2. Install Ubilinux or Ubuntu

Press F7 and choose the Linux installation media as the boot device


Do not select UEFI. The built-in UEFI shell which will return you to the BIOS menu.

Use the Ubilinux installation guide, if needed.

3. Update kernel

Follow Step 6. Build Linux kernel section

4. Firmware

Build SOF firmware and copy sof-apl.ri into /lib/firmware/intel/sof

5. Topology

Copy test topology sof-apl-eq-pcm512x.tplg as sof-apl-pcm512x.tplg into /lib/firmware/intel/sof-tplg

6. Add ACPI support for Hifiberry dac+

Clone scripts from

sudo ./install_hooks
sudo ./acpi-add Up2/PCM512X.asl

Reboot and check if the status of the device is 15

cat /sys/bus/acpi/devices/104C5122\:00/status

7. Add sst drivers to blacklist-dsp.conf

Create blacklist-dsp.conf in /etc/modprobe.d/ if not exist

blacklist snd\_soc\_sst\_acpi
blacklist snd\_soc\_sst\_dsp
blacklist snd\_soc\_sst\_firmware
blacklist snd\_soc\_sst\_ipc
blacklist snd\_soc\_sst\_match
blacklist snd\_soc\_skl
blacklist snd\_soc\_sst\_byt\_cht\_nocodec
blacklist snd\_intel\_sst\_acpi
blacklist snd\_intel\_sst\_core
blacklist snd\_hda\_intel

8. Reboot

Make sure the green LED lights up on the Hifiberry.


If any problem has occured use dmesg | grep sof to track it.