Tool for processing FW stack dumps. In verbose mode it prints the stack leading to the core dump including DSP registers and function calls. It outputs unwrapped gdb command function call addresses to human readable function call format either to a file or stdout.

Coredump-reader usage

Usage [-h] [-a ARCH] [-c] [-l COLUMNCOUNT] [-v] (–stdout | -o OUTFILE) [–stdin | -i INFILE]


show this help message and exit


determine architecture of dump file; valid archs are: LE64bit, LE32bit


set output to be colourful


set how many colums to group the output in


increase output verbosity


input is from stdin


path to sys dump bin


output is to stdout


output is to FILE shows example usage of We read from dump file into, then we pipe its output to xt-gdb, which operates on given elf-file.

./ sof-apl dump_file