Tool for processing FW stack dumps. In verbose mode it prints the stack leading to the core dump including DSP registers and function calls. It outputs unwrapped gdb command function call addresses to human readable function call format either to a file or stdout.

Coredump-reader usage

Usage [-h] [-a ARCH] [-c] [-l COLUMNCOUNT] [-v] (–stdout | -o OUTFILE) [–stdin | -i INFILE]


show this help message and exit


determine architecture of dump file; valid archs are: LE64bit, LE32bit


set output to be colourful


set how many colums to group the output in


increase output verbosity


input is from stdin


path to sys dump bin


output is to stdout


output is to FILE shows example usage of We read from dump file into, then we pipe its output to xt-gdb, which operates on given elf-file.

./ sof-apl dump_file

Usage with Linux SOF Driver

If a core dump occurs after a DSP error, the Linux SOF driver allows accessing the dump via debugfs. Consider the following example of capturing the dump file and processing it with coredump-reader:

dut> cat /sys/kernel/debug/sof/exception >dsp-coredump
# transfer file to host
host> sof/tools/coredumper/  -v -l 4 -i dsp-coredump -o dsp-coredump.gdb
host> xt-gdb sof/build_tlg_xcc/sof --command=dsp-coredump.gdb
$1 = "Exception location:"
0xbe02fb29 is in ipc_glb_debug_message (/home/user/sof/src/ipc/handler-ipc3.c:1371).
$2 = "backtrace"
#0  0xbe051b00 in literals ()
#1  0xbe04e277 in dump_stack (p=3187705884, addr=0x1cc6c29b, offset=3270769662, limit=380, stack_ptr=0x1) at /home/user//sof/src/arch/xtensa/include/arch/lib/cache.h:79
#2  0xbe04e2f7 in panic_dump (p=233492486, panic_info=0x0, data=0xbe0a4130) at /home/user/sof/src/arch/xtensa/include/arch/debug/panic.h:45
#3  0xbe02dfd9 in exception () at /home/user/sof/src/arch/xtensa/init.c:115
#4  0xbe050a28 in _GeneralException ()
#5  0xbe02fb29 in ipc_glb_debug_message (header=394016) at /home/user/sof/src/ipc/handler-ipc3.c:1373
(xt-gdb) info all-registers
pc             0xbe051b00       0xbe051b00 <literals>
ar0            0x0      0
ar1            0xbe00a044       -1107255228
ar2            0x10000  65536


  • Coredump-reader only works with the xcc toolchain.

  • If the Linux kernel fails to probe, the exception file cannot be read.

  • To prevent runtime suspend from powering off the DSP and erasing the exception data, perform one of the following steps:

    • Set the CONFIG_SND_SOC_SOF_DEBUG_RETAIN_DSP_CONTEXT option in the kernel to ensure DSP is left powered on if a DSP crash occurs.

    • Disable runtime power management (PM) with a module parameter. For example, for PCI devices:: options sof_pci_dev sof_pci_debug=1

  • The DSP core dump information is also printed to kernel dmesg, but cannot parse this core dump format.