Getting Started Guides

Refer to the following getting started guides if you are new to SOF or if you are performing a task for the first time.

Build SOF

SOF can be built natively on a host PC or within a container. Use the container method if the version of your distro is more than six months old. The SOF SDK uses a recent version of some external dependencies so the current distro release is always preferred.

Set up SOF on a Linux machine

You can build the Linux kernel with the latest SOF code and install it locally or remotely with ktest.

Do this first:

Then proceed based on if you are installing locally or through ktest:

Set up SOF on a special device

SOF also runs on the MinnowBoard Turbot and the Up Squared board with Hifiberry Dac+.

Debug Audio issues on Intel platforms

Intel platforms rely on different versions of DSP and audio hardware interfaces. The following sections provide hints for integrators and users when audio components are not working properly or are broken.

SOF on NXP platforms

This section provides guides for integrators and for users working with i.MX platforms.

Building loadable modules using LMDK

This section descibes process of building loadable modules using LMDK.